Business Operations Consulting is problem solving and outcome based. People, processes and strategy combine to create transformative change. We provide workable, measurable solutions based on 30+ years of experience in process analysis and organizational development.

  • Restructuring and developing vital processes, and embedding them into sustainable cultures of success, is where we excel.
  • Abreast of industry ‘best practices,’ we apply them rigorously when appropriate.
  • We guarantee our clients candor, respect, confidentiality, and total commitment to the process.

We improve revenue, profit and customer loyalty by:

  • raca-certified-coachStrategy Development; to provide you and your team with long-term direction and a competitive advantage.
  • Business Revitalization; to inject vitality into your business
  • Business Process Improvement; cycle time and variance reduction to improve efficiencies, profit margin and revenue capacity from your existing assets.
  • Marketing Plans; understanding your target market and how best to attract them
  • Customer Loyalty Programs; integrated into the overall marketing plan, these sustain your business by keeping your value proposition aligned with your customers and focusing on loyalty over satisfaction.
  • Operational Succession Planning; to maintain continuity in your company’s leadership for years to come.
  • Management Development; to improve your bench strength, make sure the vision of the company is reflected throughout the company, and protect and preserve your culture.
  • Sales Team Development; to cultivate understanding of the company’s value proposition and follow a defined process toward a common goal.
  • Executive Coaching and Leadership Development; to fully develop your potential, which will have a direct correlation to your company’s bottom line.

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