A dedicated business figure, Curt is passionate about helping others. He is driven by his quest for excellence and measurable results, and strongly believes that his clients have the answers, and his job is to facilitate finding and quantifying them.

Curt’s intelligent, measurable, sustainable, and values-based philosophy has helped dozens of companies and individuals thrive in today’s changing market.

Curt has:

  • Increased annual revenues in mature companies up to 40%
  • Improved return on assets, as high as 50% in 2 months, by reducing asset base and achieving high levels of efficiency
  • Increased working capital as much as $1million in 3 months
  • Shortened cycle times –  some over 100% improved – in one year (cycle time reduction is possible in any company with complex processes)
  • Reduced corporate overhead by more than 50% in approximately one year, streamlining processes and generating focus on profitability
  • Improved net profit from a loss position to over 10% of revenue in 5 monthS


curt-final2Curt LeMaster, president of Key Business Solutions is a seasoned executive with over three decades of successful business experience in start-up, turn-around, and complex organizational settings.  He has worked as a senior executive in large publicly traded companies as well as being president and CEO of small businesses, such as a $3 million industrial company.

Curt was President of LeMaster Builders Supply, Inc., a 3 location lumberyard; Vice President of Marketing, Purchasing & Information Systems at Henry Bacon Building Materials, Inc., a 6 location lumberyard in the greater Seattle area; a Vice President of Marketing, Purchasing and Systems, as well as Sr. Vice President CIO at Wolohan Lumber Co., a 63 location retail/wholesale publicly traded lumber company in the Midwest; Director – Program Management Office of BMHC, a publicly traded holding company for BMC West, BMC Construction, and multiple door & millwork and truss plants; President & CEO of Industrial Finishings LLC, an industrial blasting and coating company; COO of Flow Control Industries, manufacturer of industrial grade pressure independent HVAC valves; and Sr. Vice President of Axis Crane, LLC, a mobile crane and heavy construction company.

His ability to improve customer relations by developing and implementing innovative initiatives, refining processes, energizing staff to maximize performance, and managing for results all drive to a stronger bottom line. This also creates a professional environment characterized by integrity and trust. These results have been reported again and again by investors requesting his services. Curt focuses on aligning organizational development and business processes with customers’ needs and wants. Curt grew up in Everett, Washington, and graduated from Washington State University.

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