We offer Measurable Results for your Business

  • Improve organizational profits
  • Reduce waste, errors, and organizational costs
  • Improve Customer satisfaction and customer-focused growth
  • Improve quality and enhance capacity
  • Improve employee satisfaction, attitude, and morale

We offer Deliverables

  • Define strategic direction and build commitment
  • Refine organizational vision & purpose, and develop & sustain corporate values
  • Develop a cohesive, energized team with a united purpose

A sampling of results other clients have achieved are:

  • Achieved positive EBITDA in 17 months for a $3 million company that had lost $3.4 million over the preceding 5 years.
  • Reduced corporate overhead by over 53% within 15 months, streamlining processes and generating focus on profitability.
  • Restructured company from focusing almost exclusively on manufacturing to being sales driven, resulting in a sales increase of 76.2% within 24 months.
  • Added $16 million in revenue over 3 days for a $400+ million lumber & building material company by developing a builder show.
  • Restructured production increasing throughput by 32% and reducing rework by 68%.
  • Improved ROA by reducing the asset base while getting the balance of the assets to perform at a higher level adding $1 million in cash flow in just 3 months.
  • Increased throughput over 2 times within 12 months for a $6 million company with cellular and lean manufacturing strategies.
  • Part of three-person acquisition team that performed the due diligence and negotiated the purchase of a 9 store chain that had a positive return on investment within the first year.
  • Oversaw several successful product launches. Standardized product lines at almost all locations, aggregated purchases and leveraged suppliers, which subsidized a $4.2 million marketing budget.
  • Reevaluated SKU lead times ranging from JIT to safety stock of 8 weeks resulting in a more organized production floor and shipping on time, on spec, and complete 96% of the time.

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