Hiring a coach is a big deal.  There is a monetary investment and there is a time investment.  However, greater than both of these is a commitment to change.  Why else would you hire a coach?  Paradoxically, this is often the area of greatest resistance.  It is called cognitive dissonance, which is the discomfort experienced when simultaneously holding two or more conflicting beliefs, ideas, values or emotional reactions.  We are motivated to reduce dissonance by altering existing conditions or the importance of one of the dissonant elements.  How do we do this?  Most commonly we alter our thinking to rationalize our behavior, e.g. “I know things could be better but they aren’t too bad and I …” whatever the justification.

The truth is I have never heard of anyone who has gone through coaching and did not think it was a good investment – if not a great investment.  For example, a client recently wrote:

In 2012, our business had a very bad year.  Due to the poor economy, expanding our business, and buying out our partner, cash was tight and debt was high.  This took a toll on our culture, our finances and our relationship.  Through a process of meaningful dialog, introspection, and hard work, my husband and I were guided by our coach Curt to formulate a new plan and to change the direction of our future.  Using our core values as a compass, we set goals, wrote a business plan, and completed a profitable budget.  Thanks to our coach, our direction is clear and our future looks bright.  We now have a direct path to success!

Coaching provides you with another perspective – relationship is about candor and respect.  As a coach, I am not invested in the “old you.”  You are in control.  You set the course and I help guide you.  I am your accountability partner.  Because of my experience, training, and the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people in many capacities I have honed a skill set that can help you nurture your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses.

The coaching process starts with the ADVanced Insights assessments.  These assessments are around 72 pages and explain What, Why and How you think.  There are three components to the ADVanced Insights Profile: the DISC Index measures your natural and adaptive behavioral styles; the Values Index identifies your value structure or your motivational style; and the Attribute Index identifies your individual strengths and weaknesses in your decision making style.  Next we will establish what the reasonable expectations will be for the next 12 weeks.

Then the coaching curriculum begins.  It will be in 1 hour segments for 12 weeks preferably be in person – usually in my office or by Skype.

There are 3 ways people learn: impact, discovery, and repetition.  An example of impact learning is if you were talking on your cell phone while you were in an accident, you know how dangerous that actually is and you will transfer that learning to other similar events.  Discovery learning is those “Ah Hah moments” where everything is in alignment for you to learn.  Repetition learning is the most practical and methodical way to learn.  And that is the methodology I use in coaching.

Why Repetition is Important



Effective coaching has the following attributes:


I am focused on you and your goals.  The spotlight will be on results, not on extraneous issues.  You will develop short cuts to your learning curve.


Coaching is not therapy.  Your past will only be relevant when it affects your future goals.  I will be committed to helping you get where you want to go, rather than help you understand where you have been.


The purpose of coaching is addressing potential, since you possess all of the potential you need, the coaches job is to reveal and release it.  In the safety and confidentiality of the coaching environment, you will uncover your deepest desires, identify your strengths, and unmask constraints that have held you back to this point.  Only then will you be able to take the right actions necessary to achieve your personal and professional goals.


The coaching relationship creates a safe space for you to mentally expand.  Once safety and trust are established, creativity is unlocked, possibilities are discovered, and the momentum is initiated.  I will not compete with you or seek to be seen as an expert.  I am solely interested in empowering you, not impressing you.


I will offer you the benefits of my unique strengths, personal style, life experiences, intuitive sense, and other skills in a completely transparent manner.  Because these sessions are authentic, they will flow effortlessly and create great value in your life.

Warren Buffet said, “Honesty is like air.  If you have it no one notices.  If you don’t everyone notices.


Coaching will address and impact your whole life.  You will achieve the greatest satisfaction when your personal life and your professional life are in harmony.


The coaching relationship is about listening and responding, not advising or fixing.  I will use the technique of dynamic inquiry (e.g. Socratic method) as a tool to help you to unlock your potential and fulfill your purpose.


Because of the exponential energy of co-creation, you and I will achieve more significant results together than either of us could achieve alone.  The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.   Great accomplishments can be made with hard work, and if you are engaged properly in the process, it is hard work.


When you and I immerse ourselves in the process, creative energy is released and transformation is the result.  The pace may at first seem slow, but results come fast.  And the results last because they are created on a strong foundation.


Coaching will not simply help you solve challenges and accomplish goals; it will transform the way you solve or accomplish them.  It will unmask the constraints that previously held you back.


Coaching will help you balance your life personally and professionally, and help you understand how balance is a process not a destination.  Balance is individualistic and it is based on your values.




Results are Measurable

Depending on the goals you identify, the results will be varied but measurable.  They may directly correlate with:


  1. Living your purpose
  2. Creating balance in your life
  3. More control of your future
  4. Results-oriented attitude


  1. Increased revenue
  2. Increased profitability
  3. A clear focused direction
  4. Creating a scalable organization
  5. A stronger value proposition
  6. A process to improve business development
  7. Better leadership and management skills

According to Fortune magazine, “The hottest thing in management today is the executive coach.”  Set yourself apart.  Explore hiring a coach today.

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